Lyrics: The Busking Song

musical notes




Mommy sings “Rockabye,
Baby, when you are grown,
You’ll sing a lullaby and
I’ll be left alone.

Baby Blackbird, fly now;
Time to go;
Who knows why?
Spring is gone,
Summer’s in,
World awaits, it’s
Time to fly…”


Trees grow high, rivers dry,
Clouds and hours billow by,
Day by day, flown away…

Baby, in such as a rush,
Grew up, grew straight and tall:
Maybe you’ll feel a blush
When, Mommy, you recall:

Gently how you held us,
Never fuss, never fret,
Gave us milk,
Whispered soft,
“Little pet,
You’ll soon forget…”

(repeat refrain)

Now you are very old.
Your hair is soft and grey,
Mommy, the cradle’s cold,
Blackbird has flown away…