Lyrics: Victory Song

musical notes


Trombone and kettle drum!
The villain’s overcome!
Strum it on your guitar,
Farewell to Brundibar!
And what’s the cause of it?
Well listen up: We won’t submit!
Just listen: We never quit!
The bully’s overthrown
For you were not alone!
That’s the whole point of it!

**********Aninku and Pepicek speaking************

For help is everywhere!
Below and in the air!
Sometimes it’s all around,
sometimes it must be found,
but if you ask for help, well
listen up, we’re here to say:
Don’t worry! Help’s on the way!
And when you take a stand,
someone will lend a hand!
That’s the whole point of it!

When a bully’s near,
tell him you’re not afraid!
You’ll see him fade away!
Friends will volunteer!
And bullies disappear!

************Brundibar speaks*********************

Tyrants come along
But just you wait and see!
They topple one-two-three!
Our friends make us strong!
And so we end our song!