2015 Jewish Plays Contest

Did you know that Theatre Kavanah is one of handful of theater companies and Jewish organizations around the country that’s hosting a JPP Jewish Playwriting Contest?


After stops in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston, the 4th annual Jewish Playwriting Contest is coming back to Burlington this Spring!

This fun event features select scenes from the Top 3 plays chosen by a panel of readers in Vermont.

They chose:

DIASPORA by Gary Jaffe
BELFAST KIND by Margot Connolly
THE OWL GIRL by Monica Raymond

On April 19th or 20th, you’ll have the chance to vote for your favorite play by using your cell phone. You’ll even be able to watch the votes tally on a big screen in real time!

David Winitsky, Artist Director of the JPP, emcees, introduces the plays, and shares the lowdown on what’s happening in new Jewish theater today.

This year’s Jewish Playwriting Contest will be held on April 19th and 20th in Burlington, VT.

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Some strong language and adult content.

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